History of White Widow

White Widow is one of the world's most well known cannabis strains. Just about every major cannabis seed bank has included a strain named White Widow in their catalogue.

Despite being such a famous cannabis strain, there has been a lot of speculation, across the Internet, about who actually created the White Widow strain. A breeder by the name of Shanti Baba claims that he created the White Widow while he was running the Green House Seed Company.

However, this is not the case, according to the Green House Seed Company, Scott Blakey aka Shanti Baba, did work for the Green House Seed Company in 1995. They also confirmed that he was a partner in the company, however he was not the founder or owner of the Green House / Green House Seed Company.

The Green House Seed Co. was registered by Arjan and several other partners in Amsterdam. Arjan confirmed he gave shares in the company to Shanti Baba, who was working with him at that time. You could compare Shanti Baba's deal as a partner in the Green House Seed Company to the current deal Arjan has with lead breeder Franco.

The Green House Seed Company also confirmed that Shanti Baba stole some parental stock from their genetic library when he left the company to start his own seed bank, and it is rumored that Shanti Baba lost all of the parental stock he stole from the Green House Seed Company when a grow operation he was working for in Switzerland was raided by the police and he ended up in jail.

The Green house Seed Company also mentioned that they have more than 5 backups of parental stock in 3 different countries just incase something like that or a police raid would occur.

The true story is that a famous Dutch breeder by the name of Ingemar created White Widow in 1987, long before Shanti Baba arrived in Holland. At that time the strain was called Arnhem’s Wonder and was later rebranded as White Widow.

Arnhem's Wonder won the first High Life cup in 1989 and in 1992 Arjan bought the male and female plants from Ingemar to later release the seeds as White Widow in the Green House Seed Co catalog of 1994.

So it is correct that Shanti Baba was producing seeds with Arjan at the time, and had full access to the parent stock Arjan had acquired. This does however not make him the creator of the White Widow since the father and mother plants were already selected by Ingemar. Arjan also stated that, ‘he did not have to do any breeding because Ingemar had already done all the work for them’.

Well-known people in the cannabis industry in Holland, the owners of the Coffeeshop Catweazel and Roger from the Grow Shop in Nijmegen can confirm this story as they worked with Ingmar for many years.

Roger has always sold the original White Widow clones in his shop. He was the owner of the most famous grow shop in Nijmegen. To this day you can still buy original clones of the White Widow in that area of Holland.

After all the myths and speculation on the internet, Arjan released a public letter directed at Shanti Baba calling him out on all the false claims he was making.